Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I hear correctly?

To understand words it is necessary to hear all the speech sounds, transmit them to the brain, and decode the meaning. If anything disrupts this sequence it is likely that you will hear but not understand.

The nature of hearing loss, sensorineural causes the speech to sound muffled and distorted. The fact that the hearing loss is typically worse in the high frequencies interferes with the ability to hear the consonant sounds such as /s/, /ch/, /b/ etc. These sounds help distinguish one word from another such as lie versus pie, see versus flee, row versus flow, etc sometimes missing one word can change the meaning of a sentence.

Our experienced audiologist and hearing aid dispenser will make it possible for you to hear significantly better with appropriate fitted hearing instruments.

Should I buy hearing aids?

Buying a hearing aid is different than buying tires for your car, a book from an online store or a new appliance for your home. Hearing loss affects each person in unique ways. Differences in the degree of the loss, lifestyle and personal preference mean that a hearing device that works great for one person, may not work for the next. An audiologist is trained to evaluate these differences for each person and help them select the best hearing device for their needs.

How much do hearing aids cost?

Hearing instruments can vary in the cost based on the technology, your hearing loss, your insurance coverage, and your lifestyle. Our audiologist/hearing aid dispenser will have a better idea of cost after the evaluation.  We provide discount pricing. A good quality hearing device can cost between $1,000.00 to $3,500.00.  We have other ways to assist in hearing aids being affordable. 

There are many avenues to obtain hearing instruments.  Your hearing is a healthcare concern, and will be managed by university trained audiologists who has satisfied the requirements to provide the best hearing service to you.  

Associated Specialists in Hearing Disorders/Hearing Aids has been providing hearing healthcare services in the Inland Empire( Riverside ) for more than 

35 years.  We have a track record of providing a competent and professional service for all patients referred for their hearing healthcare needs.

More than 30 years ago a patient named Mr. B. describe our service like this-

"The difference between you and the average hearing aid dealer is that they sell hearing aids, you sell the concept of hearing BETTER.  That's why I've gotten hearing aids from you for years.  And that's why I tell all of my friends about you!!!"

Please contact us when you are ready to get educated about your hearing loss from our audiologist.

Will hearing aids make my hearing normal?

No.  While hearing devices will make a very noticeable improvement they will not restore your hearing to normal.

Our goal is to fit you appropriately in such a way that you hear significantly better while using your hearing aids.  It is not uncommon for a patient to state that they hear like they heard when they were younger.    They also state the following...…..don't have to concentrate as hard, are able to attend more social gatherings such as meetings/church, don't have to have people repeat themselves, hear better in the presence of competing background noise.  In other words, they feel like they hear normal.

Our goal is to fit you in such a way that you forget that you are wearing hearing aids.

Can I try to see if they work for me?

Of course.  We will give you a demonstration in the office.  We will counsel you on the realistic expectations of the hearing aid.  You will get educated.  

In fact, we will go a little bit further and allow you to use the hearing aids in your everyday listening environment without any money coming out of your pocket.  That's right!  A "FREE" trial.  We call it our "Try it before you Buy it" program.  Please ask for details.