One of the most important things in the world today is our ability to communicate effectively. We need to be able to talk to those around us and one of the most convenient forms of communication is through mobile phones. For those with a hearing impairment, it can be difficult to choose the right type of mobile phone for day-to-day life because it seems like this type of communication tool is off the table. 

When you talk to people face to face, you can see their mouths move, read their lips and anticipate their body language. Being able to communicate so that you are understood is essential in today's world, but if you’re dealing with hearing loss, it’s much harder to do it. Finding the right mobile phone compatible with hearing aids is one of the best things that you can do for your continued freedom with communication. Let’s explore some of the things that you can consider when you talk to your audiologist about the right mobile phone’s compatible with hearing aids.

Measuring Compatibility

Did you know that it’s possible to measure your hearing aid compatibility with your smartphone? It very much depends on the mobile device that you’re using right now, but they usually come with one of two different rating systems. The M rating uses technology called acoustic coupling.

This will allow you to make calls and hear them as you usually would, as the sound is delivered directly to your hearing aid. These are the phones that are ideal for those with a milder to moderate hearing loss. Those with severe hearing loss may still pick up on background noise, which can be an irritant. 

The M rating goes on a scale from one to four, and four is the most compatible out there. As long as you have an M3 or four rating with your cell phone, you can use it with hearing aids without an issue. The higher the M rating on your mobile phone, the more that you can use it with your hearing aids. 

For those who have a profound hearing loss, you might consider the T rating of your mobile phone. T is the shorthand for telecoil, which you may have seen in shops and other public places. This is a feature that allows the sounds from your mobile phone to go straight to the hearing aid processor of your hearing aids.

This bypasses the microphone and provides you with conversations that are free of distractions and issues. You won’t have to fight back with feedback, and your ability to hear heavy background noise will no longer be a worry for you. You deserve to have crystal clear hearing where possible and a T program could help you to have that. 

Mobile Phones and Hearing Aids: What Can You Do with Them?

You can gain a lot of control when you connect your hearing aids and your mobile device. You get more than just clearer phone calls, for a start. You can adjust ensure that it suits your hearing needs, and you can change up the settings to better suit your hearing needs. You can stream conversations through your hearing aids and hear better as a result, and you can make changes to the mobile phone volume, too and it’ll affect your hearing aids.

You could also connect your hearing aids to audio sources, whether you want to listen to music or directions, it doesn't matter. You could also step it up and find your hearing aids with your mobile phone connection, enabling you to reconnect when you lose your hearing aids.

Some hearing aids and mobile phones can connect through Bluetooth capabilities, and this can ensure that your devices are compatible with practically any mobile phone. Bluetooth hearing aids can also connect you to a range of devices, from iPads to the TV. Your audiologist will be the person in the best place to talk you through which devices will suit your hearing aids, but don't be afraid to ask these questions. You want to live the fullest possible life and that’s so much easier when you can communicate freely.

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