Patient Testimonials

Beth Corona
Associated Specialists in Hearing Aid Disorders & Hearing Aids has been wonderful in helping my mother with her Hearing aids. At first she was uncertain but Dr. Milner and his staff made her feel right at home.  We trust Dr. Milner and know they will treat our family with the highest level of care.  

Ray G.
Have been going to Dr Milner for 4 + years and never had any negative issues . I have seen many hearing specialist over the years and he is right there at the top of the pack. He really understands hearing losses and understands what the patient goes through and communicates that to you . He has a new office location that is easy to get to and his staff is friendly and helpful.

F. Lee J.
Audiologist Floyd Milner has been an outstanding volunteer and worked with me at a Health Fair for Senior Citizens for 18 years, beginning in 1996, providing free services to low income senior citizens  for a day.  He helped me with new hearing aids two years ago, and this has helped me tremendously remain in the mainstream of living a rewarding life.  He assisted a family member of ours who had a 50 percent hearing loss who had never had his hearing tested.  He now has a new lease on life at 81 years young.  What a difference.  Mr. Milner has a sense of humor and may have been misunderstood.  I have appreciated his work and highly recommend him.  Flashy offices are expensive, and Mr. Milner puts his time and effort in doing his best to help others.  He is still helping me today in 2015, and I thank him very much for all he does for others!

Michael H.
First of all I have read some of the previous reviews and I don't believe them, they seem to be all written by the same person. You should not believe them either, but that's up to you. I have been a patient of Dr. Floyd Milner for over five years now and I can tell you that he is a very caring and knowledge man. It might be true that he has an older office but that doesn't reflect on the care that you receive from him or his staff. Speaking of his staff, they are all very professional all the time. I look forward to my trips to the office every time that I go, which is about every two months. They treat me like family and I treat them the same way.  I have been to three different audiologists and was not happy with the outcome but I can say that Dr. Milner has solved my hearing problem very much to my satisfaction. I would recommend him to anybody and everybody that has a hearing problem. From time to time my wife goes with me to an  appointment, she enjoys it as much as I do.

Meagan S.
I love this office. They are hospitable and take their time with you. They are flexible if you need a late appointment. Thank you for your services!

Jan M.
I've been taking my mother here for about one year; approximately 6 visits.  At each visit, Dr. Milner and his staff have been nothing but professional, polite and helpful.  Even today when we arrived and construction had taken away all previous  parking, I was told where I could park under the building and that if needed Dr. Milner would park my car as he has apparently done for others.  I am shocked by the previous reviews as they certainly don't describe the doctor or the staff that we have seen.  To be honest, after looking at the previous reviewers other posts, I'm not sure anyone could get a satisfactory rating.